jQuery JavaScript Document Viewer

Our featured packed online document viewer extensively uses jQuery JavaScript behind the scene to render a user friendly web based document viewer. Which can view large file formats like doc, xls, ppt, pdf, tif and even outlook msg, eml, cad formats etc. The use of jQuery makes the document viewer compatible with wide range of modern browsers and their latest and older versions respectively. The API interface is purely JavaScript based which gives full power to the end user to call functions like zoom, rotate, annotate without having the page to make a server round trip. Even the annotations are added calling jQuery/JavaScript functions! For details please visit jQuery JavaScript document viewer

HTML5 Document Viewer

HTML5 is the new buzz word today along with CSS3. Most of the websites are embracing these technologies. We have implemented these technologies in our versatile online document viewer product for asp.net. You can view most popular file formats across the web using it. Very easy to use asp.net server control which can be just dragged and dropped over asp.net web forms and also asp.net MVC (non Razor views). The user interface of the document viewer is fully customizable, you can apply your own css, backgrounds, change images, links etc. Everything works using jQuery / JavaScript function calls. For details please visit Asp.Net HTML5 Document Viewer