View Xls Xlsx Online

What could you do if you want to view a Microsoft excel file and you do not have office installed? What if you are not on your PC and you want to quickly view excel sheet? The solution is our .net control written in native C# 100% CLS complaint. You can also easily integrated it in your workflow, document management portal applications to enable xls or xlsx file viewing within your project itself. A better 3rd party control which you can rely upon. No web-service needed, no need to send your files outside of your network, no need to send as email attachment to view in gmail or google docs. Viewing xls, xlsx files right from the browser was never so easy, to download fully functional 30 days trial please visit View Xls Xlsx Online In Asp.Net

Online Excel Sheet Viewer

The best ever asp.net control available to view excel sheets online right from your browser. No additional plug-ins or software needed. Pure html/ajax based viewer which uses jQuery and HTML 5 for a rich user experience in online excel file viewing. Just browser for a file and you are done! Each excel sheet can be viewed as a separate page. You can see all excel data like charts, background color, formulas etc. Easy to use custom asp.net server control which can be drag and dropped on your aspx designer and call single method from code behind to start viewing excel files online. For more details please visit Asp.Net Online Excel Sheet Viewer