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View Ppt Pptx Online

You can easily view Microsoft Powerpoint slides online right from the web browser in your website or application. There is no requirement of office to be installed on server, nor does it rely on any iterop. You even don’t need to install any software on client side. Pure 100% ajax, html5, jquery, javascript ppt, pptx online viewer brought to you by View Ppt Pptx Online. You can try free trial version of the online ppt ppt file viewer control to integrate and test within your projects. No need to develop a control from scratch. Use our affordable microsoft office file viewer sdk library today!

View Xls Xlsx Online

What could you do if you want to view a Microsoft excel file and you do not have office installed? What if you are not on your PC and you want to quickly view excel sheet? The solution is our .net control written in native C# 100% CLS complaint. You can also easily integrated it in your workflow, document management portal applications to enable xls or xlsx file viewing within your project itself. A better 3rd party control which you can rely upon. No web-service needed, no need to send your files outside of your network, no need to send as email attachment to view in gmail or google docs. Viewing xls, xlsx files right from the browser was never so easy, to download fully functional 30 days trial please visit View Xls Xlsx Online In Asp.Net